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Studio at The New Wimbledon Theatre 

6th May - 9th May 2020  

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In 2019 Daggers productions held a creative writing competition for a group of school children. 10-year-old Yuma Earl won the competition with her modern twist on the Gothic story. The prize was to have her short story adapted and performed on stage.


Two friends take a camping trip into the wilds of the countryside. As night falls, things start to take a sinister turn and something is lurking in the undergrowth around the tent.


 By Yuma Earl

Music Lovers

 By Nick Warburton

A local Music Lovers group meet regularly in a church  hall to listen to and appreciate each other’s playlists of musical genres.

This evening, only two members show up. As the conversation and listening goes on, we soon discover that music is not always the food of love

A Day at the Dentist

By James Saunders

This was first produced as a radio play on BBC Radio 4, 13th March 1988 adapted for the stage.


A man who suffers from a dread of the dentist is forced to go and have a filling fixed, he is relived that the Dentist is a very gentle and reassuring individual. However, the man’s worst nightmares are about to be realised.

Daggers Productions welcomes you to a night of intrigue, dread and trepidation.


You will be accompanied by the aloof and enigmatic Narrator, who's name remains as much of a mystery as the rest of him. He will guide you through  three short plays, each connected by the strength of emotion that they embody, revenge, hatred and fear.

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